Sunday, October 09, 2005


So, my roommate names the seasons. To get a background of these (and in essence the last 2 years of my life) take a look at Delightful Delirum. If you've read her post, this is Lisa's version of the past seasons and my reflection on what is to come.

The thing is, I have noticed something about the new seasons as I have lived through the naming of and the season itself; it brings hope to life. My first season was the Summer of Possiblities. I finally had friends in Wichita - that was a possiblity in and of itself what with semi-spontaneous road trips, evenings at the park and nights spent in karaoke at the Chalet, and that made it a great summer.

Enter the Fall of Making it Happen. Man did we make it happen, by moving into our Daisy House and cooking Thanksgiving dinner for a houseful of people, it was rocking.

On to the Winter of Anticipation. Going into the season I had no idea what I was anticipating but I can tell you that I was excited about it. It just seems like such a great thing: Anticipation. I used to stay up till all hours of the night when I was little, anticipating what Santa would bring or what our really neat field trip or the first day of school would be like.

When Kristi named the Winter of Anticipation, I knew what the spring's title would be, The Spring of New Beginnings (that's what's cool about having a roommate who names each season:). And as I said before, I didn't have any idea that the spring would bring with it romance and hope and hand holding and dreaming - so many things that I have anticipated for such a long time. At the end of my second year of teaching, I finally felt like a "full fledged, I know what I am doing" educator and really loved my kids. Having a date to prom didn't hurt matters in the least! I for one, greatly enjoyed the spring of New Beginnings.

To tell you the truth, I was not excited when Keeks announced the summers title (even less so when she said that she knew then what my clarity would be). The Summer of Clarity was a long one for this Lisa. There was a lot of crying (especially for a certain week in July - breaks are stupid, I don't like them but sometimes they are needed) and Jose and I got the answer to our prayers in that this was not what God wanted for us. Things are finally getting back to normal, if there is a normal between us but I can't say that it has been a fun process. Let's just say that clarity is not synonomous with ease.

A few months later I had kind of forgotten the whole season naming phenomina (even though this requires ignoring Kristi's screen saver that announces "Welcome to the Summer of Clarity" every time you walk past - not something I wanted to be reminded of. Needless to say, when talk began the other day about the naming of the fall, I got a bit excited. It seems as though Keeks has a way of summing up our seasons before they happen. And I know that is probably because we fit them into a mold of ooohhh . . . this was making it happen but I am completely all right with that; I like living in a dream world!

The fall's theme "is one that (according to Kristi) will be filled with things coming together. A lot of stuff that we've been waiting for is just going to fall into place. Things will just CLICK this season."

If anyone has been waiting for things to click, I raise my hand and repeat "Me! Me!! Make everything "click" for me!!" I have a feeling that some big things are in store. I don't know what they might be (although I have some ideas that can't be mentioned yet, stay tuned and see what happens with that) but I really hope they click. So, I am leaving them (whatever they are) in the hands of my Mother Mary, asking for her guidance and assistance.