Monday, October 25, 2004

Who We Gonna Save? Part II

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So, the dilema . . .

I have recently, along with Kim, found myself leading a group of high school girls called the Angels of the Holy Queen. We consecrate ourselves to Jesus through Mary. It is a wonderful group of girls. The thing is, there are not very many of us. Eventually, I would like to reach more.

Before, the focus of a group that I have helped lead has always been smaller. A church youth group with 20 kids in it. Before, I have never been "the" leader. Now, however, it seems to have fallen on me and Kim to be leaders. I love this! I am so excited about the fact that I get the chance to help these girls get closer to Jesus. But I am also overwhelmed by it. I teach at a school of 1,000 students. We have twenty girls come to Angels (on a good night). Some nights, we have less than ten.

For now, I love the small group. I love getting to know these girls on a personal level. (This is why I am not sure I am supposed to be a teacher but that is another blog for another time). The problem is, especially with girls, how do you get more girls involved without it becoming a clique? I hated (hate, to be more precise) groups that exclude themselves from others. I feel that that goes against everything I stand for as a Christian. Jesus said to "let the little children come unto me." The song goes, "red and yellow, black and white. They are precious in his sight . . ." But what about the popular girls and the band geeks (I was a band geek and reserve the right to use the title!) and the drama queens and the normal girls and the outsider girls? How do we, as Angels, not exclude any of these very special people? How do we involve all types of girls, not just the ultra-religious ones?

I know that I can't answer this question. But it makes my heart ache. I don't want anyone to feel left out!! Why do I have to be the eternal optimist that doesn't want anyone's feelings hurt? Why can't the popular girls and the non-popular girls just be friends, without the stupid popularity thing getting in the way. I don't understand!!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

The True Essence of Cozy Days

This past weekend, my housemates and I instituted "cozy days." They are days where we can truly just chill out on the Sabbath. The great thing about it is that my whole weekend felt like a weekend for once. I was not running all over doing crazy stuff, I was just hanging and it was great. Sure, I worked the football game on Friday, went to a haunted house with our parish youth group, made a house shirt, carved a pumpkin watched a couple movies, slept in, and assisted in chalking "Vote 'W' '04" on our driveway, but I really just chilled out and it was great!

I am really just writing this so I can look back in two weeks when things are crazy and remember how nice this weekend really was. But I thought I would share the joy of relaxing with all of you as well!!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Random Meetings

So, I have to tell y'all a story. My roommates think I am hilarious (and I quite agree sometimes, check out our craziness on the little blue house blog!!) They thought that I should share this story with you
It all started on an early Sunday morning at the Kansas State Fair. Kim, Kristi and I were working the Kansans for Life booth. I was taking a break and walking around early in the morning before there were very many people there. I was headed down the aisle (extra credit for me, I used a usage word, sorry LMM) walking toward the concession stand.
There was an older man standing in the middle of the walkway. I had never seen him before but he looked like someone's grandfather. Anyhow, he stopped right in front of me and stuck out his arms halfway as if to say "Hey, can I have a hug."
Instead of turning the other way and dashing past him (which my roommates feel would have been the normal response) I gave him a quick but nice hug, then turned the other way and dashed off. I could not leave the nice little grandfather in the middle of the Kansas State Fair hugless, I just couldn't.
So, now I fear I have earned the reputation for giving hugs to people that I don't know. But I am all right with that:).