Sunday, October 24, 2004

The True Essence of Cozy Days

This past weekend, my housemates and I instituted "cozy days." They are days where we can truly just chill out on the Sabbath. The great thing about it is that my whole weekend felt like a weekend for once. I was not running all over doing crazy stuff, I was just hanging and it was great. Sure, I worked the football game on Friday, went to a haunted house with our parish youth group, made a house shirt, carved a pumpkin watched a couple movies, slept in, and assisted in chalking "Vote 'W' '04" on our driveway, but I really just chilled out and it was great!

I am really just writing this so I can look back in two weeks when things are crazy and remember how nice this weekend really was. But I thought I would share the joy of relaxing with all of you as well!!

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