Thursday, December 30, 2004

A rebuttal

I keep giving my roommate Kristi a hard time because she likes to list things. Ok, that is an understatement. She loves to list things. It is one of her favorite things to do, just check out her recent blog. But, I realize that lists are fun things to make (especially when you are bored in class, I miss making to do lists in college classes) and I decided to make my own.

Without further ado, I bring you some of Lisa's favorite things. These are things that have happened this past year, stuff that I like, things that make me smile, the like. And some stuff that just seems like it should be listed!!

1) Feeling at home - whether at my parent's house, at the Daisy House, in front of the Eucharist, or just with my friends, I love feeling at home.

2) Cozy days - seeing as I've blogged about them a couple of times, I feel they should make the list. Yeah for chillin' out on Sunday afternoons!

3) Hanging out with my sister - she is amazing and fun and I love her

4) Making it happen - even though this was the theme for fall, it seems to just keep on going. I love making things happen. Can I get a job where I make things happen? That would be great man, fantabulous. Fixing things and making things happen.

sublist of making things happen
  • Random Road Trip to Indiana - seeing Notre Dame and meeting Chris and getting completely lost in rural Indiana
  • Nutcracker - I have always wanted to go and it was awesome!!
  • Wine and Cheese party
  • Getting involved with the Angels of the Holy Queen and dedicating my life to Mary - amazing things, let me tell you. And I love my girls - they are so fun!
  • Feeling like I know what I am doing while teaching - big thing, let me tell you, big thing
  • Getting some SALT stuff going - ok, still making this happen but let me tell you, it is going to be pretty rad!

end of sublist

5) Ok, so this is why I don't make lists. I always go off into sublists in my brain and then I run out of things to talk about. So, you should go read the middle of my rebuttal and then leave me a comment!!

I pray that all of you have a safe and happy new year's eve and that someday I get a kiss at midnight!!

in the middle of a rebuttal

So, I am in the middle of writing another blog to finish out the year of 2004 but my thoughts got interrupted (blame it all on the little man, it is totally his fault).

I just have to say that I love guy hugs. They have to be the greatest thing ever. Which brings me to a funny story. (does it seem that all stories start like that?) Think back to junior year of college (my junior year not yours). I was walking down the steps of the student union on my way to check my mail or something and ran into my friend Patrick. We were both like "Hey! I need a hug." And seriously, it was the best hug ever. Unfortunately Patrick transferred to some school in Colorado the next year but in January of the next year I saw him at a conference. We were talking about all the good old times (like when he borrowed a clean pillow case from me after a friend sat on his while we watched Tarzan) and he brought up the hug. "Do you remember that hug on the steps of the student union that day?" he said to me. "Yes! I do, that was great!" I replied.

And that is my ode to great hugs.

End of LMM.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Pointage . . .

We went out tonight (the 10th night of the fourteen days of celebration;). Let me just say that I love Biggins. It is my favoritist bar ever. The whole time we were there I was "eye flirting" with a guy. (see little house blog #325). No possibilities, no waiting if he'll call, just some harmless flirtting and batting of eyes. And let me tell you it was fun!

FYI, the Daisy House girls are sponsoring big mondo gondo party on Saturday. Come on over and bring your friends.

. . . and Mr. Grey sweater over at the next table, you are welcome to come over too!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?

My week is going much better than it did last week. I couldn't tell you whether it is because my brain decided to come back from vacation. Or, it could be that while my brain was on vacation last week it decided to show a movie in class this week. I would vouch for the latter.

Either way you take it, this week is going by very quickly. I am getting a ton of stuff done (except for the Advent Angel gift for tomorrow - what do you get for the new principal - who is male? This is why I don't have a boyfriend. Because I would not know what to buy him . . . LMM, sorry, back to the story). I even stayed late after school today just to be productive!! I was writing down our assignments for each day (so that when the students say "hey, you didn't tell us that!" I can retort "Hmmmm . . . It has been on the board all week . . .") I was getting to next week and couldn't even get through the week! Before I knew it, the word "Final" was on the board. What is that? Time to have a week off already (not that I am complaining, it's just that the semester has flown by).

Totally off the subject . . . Does it annoy you all that I speak in parenthesis? That is how it comes out of my head. I just wonder . . . Also, then I will know if you are actually reading:).

Thursday, December 09, 2004


That is how my brain has been working. It's like it is full of "blah, blah, blah," instead of tangible thoughts that make neurons connect in my brain. Here is the list of random things that I have done this past week just to give you an example.

1) The Debate tournament - This in itself could give you ten ways my brain is already on Christmas break. I was sponsoring the day. First, I slept right through our projected SP (starting poing), got there late, could not for the life of me figure out how to open the bus doors (I was driving one of the mini school buses and it totally baffled me), and got lost on the way to Augusta High. I was so glad we finally got there and I was so excited that I left the lights in the bus on and our battery died. Then, somewhere between Augusta and Wichita, I got passed the students ballots from the day - no idea what happened to those . . .

2) Drive by - I am still not used to driving to our house sometimes (especially when the night is dark and foggy). In fact, I totally passed our turn the other night coming back from something or other.

3) Totally Tot becomes totally blown off - Not really, I just was not thinking about it being the holiday season! On my first official month in charge of Wichita's Theology on Tap, I didn't call Willie C's (our usual restaurant of choice) until after they were already booked for another party. Hence I ended up calling mucho restaurante's in the phone book to try to find us a spot. Kristi finally bailed me out of this one! She is amazing:) (and pretty, you are, as you will need to know before reading the next reason I am dumb).
Hightlight for this one - we get to try out a new restaurant and see if it works!

4) So, the girls of the Daisy House have been planning to go to the Nutcracker since September. I was all excited about it and said I'd be in charge. I ordered tickets and thought everything fine and dandy. We're going to get all dressed up and go out to eat, it's going to be a ball (or ballet as the case may be). But, when counting people to mail our last email to, I realized that I had forgotten to add Kristi (one of my roommates) to the list!! How do I do it? My brain is full of blahs!! Fortunately, all I had to do was call and add another ticket and it worked out well:) Thank goodness!!

I am sure that I have forgotten a few things, what with my brain blahhhs going on vacation two weeks early. What will we do? I don't know!!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Why do girls do that?

This was the topic of conversation at the Daisy house the other night, brought up by our friend Jim: "Why do they do that?" he asked, "Why do Girls have relationships with guys in their heads?"

The answer I gave at the time (at least in my head, I can't remember if it was out loud) was that girls are dumb. The real reason, however, is that most girls (me) find that having a boyfriend (or even the thought of a boyfriend) is exciting and fun.

Example: My senior year of high school I had already ruled out all the boys that I would actually date (Ok, so none of them asked me out so it was fruitless). And, having a crush is a fun thing. (LMM - My friend Jen once said that she wanted someone to have a crush on our friend Brandon so I said ok, I will! little did she know I already had a crush on him but that is another story). So . . . back to senior year. I had decided to have this huge crush on a Mormon boy. I knew nothing would ever happen and therefore it was "safe." It made life fun: I made a big deal out of it when I saw him in the hall, and English class was always looked to with anticipation.

In other words. we gals like to plan and dream. Many of the girls that I know have planned much of their weddings. I know what colors I want, what songs I want played at the reception, what type of dress I want to wear, that there must be some pink somewhere. All I don't have is the groom. The point of this diatribe? We like to plan. We like to dream. It puts a smile on my face.

So . . . why do we have relationships with boys in our heads? It gives us something to think about while waiting for Mr. Right. It is a lot safer to "pretend" to be dating someone, wondering what it would be like than to face the rejection of a real life "I don't like you like that but you are a great friend," or the falling in love with a guy who isn't worth it.

Unfortunately, when your imagination doesn't happen to coincide with reality, that can be more depressing than being bored in the first place.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

It is a blogaversary!!

Ok, so I missed the sixth month anniversary of my blog last Friday due to the whole being off for Thanksgiving break. But, it is an occasion in which to reflect (one of my favorite things) and to ponder the future (another favorite thing), as well as an opportunity to get some more readers!! comments are welcome :).

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes . . .

A few of my favorite bloggings . . . and other random thoughts (this is random ramblings, you realize)

1 ~ The simple things in life . . . I love the little things. The Daisy House had a Thanksgiving Dinner at our house last week. After we were done gorging ourselves on a scrumptious feast, we sat around our fireplace and sang praise and worship. It was amazing because it was so simple; and yet the simple is not recognized in everyday life. It makes me sad.

2~ The romantic things in life - This blog happened to be about musicals, but reminds me of the sad state of my love life. Ok, the completely non-existent state of my love life. I want the whistles and bells and the butterflies and the walking on clouds sensation that seems to be an everyday occurrence in musicals. You can just (as a man) ask for a "beautiful hide" and there she comes. It is crazy.

I worry - will I miss it when it comes. Will I over analyze? (whatever I do, the answer to this one will be yes) And the ever faithful - When the stinking time will he come, man, I am done waiting!! But then, when he gets here, will I be completely annoyed with him and rule him out? (probably not but how will I know?)

3 ~ LMM - nuff said, read the blog, it is totally me

4 ~ Standing outside the fire - I have a fervent belief that we miss out on a lot of opportunities because they take work and we are lazy. Tonight, driving home from the east side, my roommates and I got all excited about things that need to happen in the young adult world of the Wichita Diocese. We were full of ideas and great thoughts, but it all comes down to this: What are we going to do?

These are a few of my random thoughts on the last six months. I am full of LMM's and have so much that wants to come out of my brain but my fingers just can't keep up and the rest of my brain fell asleep because I woke up early to work out.

All in all, there are things that I want (my favorite things). Some of them are way out there (staging a musical in the Wal-mart). Some are everyday things such as getting through the day with a 100 16 year-olds. Others are hopefully long term things like meeting the man of my dreams and having babies.

I don't know what to do with these dreams but just keep dreaming. And, when I really don't want to, stand outside the fire and make it happen!