Sunday, August 01, 2004

LMM - the story of my little man

"This old man, he played one, he played nick-nack on my thumb"

Hold up, wait one minute! The subject is "little man" not "old man!" Who said the little man was old?

Here is the real story of the little man of Lisa's life.

My thoughts ramble. They go on and on and do not like to stop. They often like to go off into tangents. So, my friend Kristi, the great gal that she is, named my tangents.
"Lisa," she said, "It is like you have a little man in your head. He is trying to reach a destination ( the end of my story) but in the meantime, he gets sidetracked. So, here he is, walking the straight and narrow and all of a sudden . . . (the suspence builds) I remember something off the topic, but so totally related that it has to be in the story. Before I know it, the little man has veared off of the straight and narrow and gotten lost on a back road (much like my trip to Indiana, read previous blog).

And so the little man has to go back to the straigh and narrow, after half of his listeners have forgotten the beginning. The thing is, the little man gets lost an average of three times per story. It can be very breathtaking for him.

That my friends, is what has come to be known as a Little Man Moment (LMM). Those of you that have known me for ever know my rambling to be trademark of a "Lisa conversation."


Anonymous said...

If you and your little man should ever be up my way (or have a free weekend), give me a call :) I'd love to talk to you... come to think of it, I tried to talk to you recently...hmmmm (this is what is commonly known as a guilt trip). God bless.
Love, Rosemary

Anonymous said...

i happen to love the little man! he makes me laugh, now that i see him and recognize him! :) i never knew what to call him, all of these years that i've known you. it took a great friend to come up with the name that i have longed to know. i love you and miss you! love, T