Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Simple Things in Life

I have just returned from spending a week with my grandparents in Colorado (a lovely state I might add). We had many fun talks about boys and the good old days and we even got to see some extended family members (one of which I don't even remember knowing:).

The best part of our trip, however, was the afternoon we spent playing with our "As Seen on TV" toys from the Walgreens. My grandmother bought the "eggstractor" which looks like a round accordian on stilts. To try it out, we hard boiled some eggs (my grandfather thought it would be a mess if we tried to peel them raw:). Then, all seven of us (my two grandparents, my great-uncle and my immediate family) all crowded around the dining room table to watch the charade.

After a few tries, the egg finally poop, oops, popped out of the shell and landed on the plate awaiting it on the table. To our chagrin, it smelled like it had pooped - much sulfur smell going on. We found this very funny and all had a great laugh.

I'm not sure if this is connoted well onto the written web-log, but I thought I'd share a little of my laughter with you.


Anonymous said...

comment from your mother's Paducah sister. How did you like the chapel at Loretto and Chimayo in Santa Fe. Your grandmother and I and your mother's cincinnati sister, really enjoyed it. Hope the Indians were selling their wares while you were there. They had such dignity when we were there, and I bought a beautiful turquoise and silver pendant. I don't know if you had time to go to the Indian museum. There was a film before entering the museum proper that really gave me a different perspective on what it was like for them.

Anonymous said...

this is your mothers sister in paducah

did u go to santa fe, and if u did did u c the chapel at loretto and did u go to chimayo.