Monday, October 22, 2007

Hogwarts Hogwash

Did ya'll hear that Dumbledore is gay? Straight from the author's mouth. And I think this is dumb.

I am a diehard, went to by my copy of the seventh book the day that it came out, feel like I am friends with Ron, Harry and Hermione fan. And I think this is stupid!

Seriously, Dumbledore's sexual affinity has no real bearing on the storyline. So he had a crush on a guy years ago. That doesn't mean that Dumbledore didn't think he was evil anyway. Dumbledore still ended up killing his "crush." And, he was an amazing leader of the school and wizarding community, not to mention one of the best father figures Harry could have had (besides his dad who was dead - although that doesn't always mean a whole lot in the wizarding world . . .).

Does his being gay make him better or worse in any way? I don't think so. Does it make a well known hero gay, yes. So are we trying to change social views (completely after the fact) or are we writing a good story? (yes, yes, all of you that know me that well - once upon a time I would like to help form moral views with writing so I'm being hypycritical.)

But seriously - if this was important at all, wouldn't we have known before?