Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Ewey Gooey Stuff

I just got back from one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been to. I'd give it a top 3 ranking - Kristi and Andrew's ranking in #1 for now. And then there was my friend Meghan who got married in Minnesota at the first rockingly Catholic wedding I'd ever been to.

Tonight, at Kale and Mary's wedding, however, there was something different. I think part of it was that I (and they) are just a bit more adult now. I know that they have both been through the dry times and wondered when that someone was going to show up. To be able to watch the joy radiate from their faces as they said their vows and exchanged rings (even when Kale got too excited and tried to steal Mary's sign of the cross) was a deep blessing.

The more I understand Christ's undying love for me, the more I seem to get the sacrament of marriage, the more difficult the idea of a pure and vocational sacrifice marriage is. And, the more beautiful it is.

I think the lyrics to one of our communion hymns says it pretty well.

Your love is extravagent
Your friendship is so intimate.
I find I'm
moving to the rhythms of your grace
Your fragrance is intoxicationg in this
secret place
Your love is extravagent.

Christ's love seems ever more present and extravagent in my life, specifically as I watch my good friends change their names (either first or last Sr. Sophia Grace!). This evening, I got the chance to watch God's promises begin to take flight for a new family.

It was a blessing, this evening, to be able to experience the love of my savior as I watched two friends take vows to "do whatever he tells you." Mary and Kale - I pray that His peace be with you and His grace always move the rythms of your grace.