Saturday, June 26, 2004


Seeing as my last blog was about the Muppets and they sing in the Muppets and I went to go see Annie Get Your Gun tonight, I decided to write about my love of the singing, dancing, and getting lost in your eyes stories. (that was a really long sentence).

One of the things I absolutely love in the world is watching musicals. I love to sing and imagine a real world where guys come up and sing to you about anything and everything while the whole town dances to a choreographed routine. Hmmm... sigh. Someday the world will be like that and some guy will come finish by thought in song.

Then I wake up and remember that in the real world, no one in really gets up and sings like that (however much my friend Shannon wanted to stage a musical at midnight in the Wal-mart)

Monday, June 21, 2004

Not So Randomness

for some reason, when I enter deep thoughts and feelings into the computer, they usually like to disappear after I hit the "enter" button. My wonderful randomness went down the tube or got lost in the abyss of the information highway. What a horrible way to lose your thoughts and feelings!!

To recreate my rambilings, I was talking about how random I can be. To prove this, I started talking about the Muppets. I love the Muppets. A few months ago I went to Blockbuster to rent the classics, "The Muppet Movie," and "The Muppets Take Manhattan." While there, I flirted with the cashier. Then, he showed up at mass the next morning. Coincidence? I wonder.

Alas, this is not what my previous blog was about, but hey, that is my randomness!