Wednesday, June 28, 2006

On the Highway of Life

Dumb Internet quiz that I found humerous for some reason . . .

Every person is at a different point on a different highway of life. Where are you?
As we cruise down the highway of life we come across many metaphorical destinations, some good some bad. Our individual personalities lead us all down a different path. Let this magical personality test tell you where you are headed! Just punch in your name and soon you will be rolling past the roadsign of your life. Don't forget to drive carefully! What are the towns on your highway? Be sure to drop in and visit them all, because life is a journey that we should all cherish. Peace!

His Daisy Girl Highway
Bog of Eternal Marriage 8
Family Farm 16
Hobotown 46
Tower of Commitment 113
Childbirth Hospital 482
Please Drive Carefully

Friday, June 23, 2006


I got home from Angels last night and was chilling out watching some Everwood. After watching the greatness that was the series finale, I looked up the DVD at Wal-mart and bought the bargain that was $19.95. I think that, at least in my world, DVD'd TV shows are much cheaper than paying for cable. Besides that, I don't have to worry about missing anything!

But, I'm off on an LMM before I start! The episode I watched last night is called "Snow Job" - not as in the Italian job or the job that I am going to be done with in only 3 school days, but as in Job of the Bible that lost everything.

It was interesting, because before I watched it I read a journal entry that I wrote this spring about the promises God has made to me. He guarantees some pretty rocking stuff. Sometimes it seems too good to be true. But sometimes the promise of things to come seems to be the only thing that gets us through . . . the promise that summer school really will be over on Wednesday when all my kids get done with their presentations, the promise that though the Daisy House will be a memory in a week I really will still have friends, the promise of someday when I get to be grown up and be a mommy and have a family.

Ok, so I didn't mean for this to be sentimental and sad. Ok, realistically maybe I did.

So what does this mean? On Wednesday I will be done teaching summer school!! On Thursday I will spend my last night in my Daisy House. On Friday I will pray our last DH rosary in our Daisy House living room. But also on Friday Marianna and I will spend our first night (ok, my first night) at the duplex. And then, I might actually get to start my summer vacation!

Speaking of which, we need to do something neat for the 4th of July - I need to see some fireworks!!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


I was at a friend's wedding last night. The only reason I know Ben at all is because my friends are friends with him - you know how that works. We talk when we see each other but we wouldn't ever call and make plans to hang out.

Aside from my two best friends from college that came down for the wedding, all of the people that I knew yesturday fit into that category. I had a blast hanging out with them. I heard college stories that I'd never heard. (LMM - Sarah and I called ourselves "floaters" in college because we didn't really have "our" group. We were both transfer students who never found just one group of people to hang out with, we hung out with whoever we saw first or in someone's room. Hanging out with people was a very sporadic thing.) Add all this to the fact that I got to be a super senior in college and, after a few of my groups graduated with "my" class of 2002, I hung out with members of the class of 2003 (my actual graduating class) . . . end of LMM).

Sometimes this whole group hopping thing isn't all it cracks up to be. I don't necessarily get invited to that many things from college. But, it seems that there are just certain times when I hang with people and it all seems right and peaceful. I got that opportunity last night. I saw people I haven't seen since college or other weddings/Homecomings/random other events when you see people. I found out that my friend Kandace actually lives in town, about 10 minutes away from me - and has for the past year. I heard stories and told stories and drank and laughed.

And it was peaceful. I guess that's the thing I wasn't really expecting. I had a crappy day at work yesturday and it was amazing to get to "be" with people that I don't normally get to hang out with. It was, with all the hecticness of moving out in 3 weeks, stupid job stuff and other volunteer stuff that just keeps coming, a very nice evening.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I just have to say

that I know it annoys some of you when you put the beginning part of the sentence in the title and the rest in the body of the blog.

But I really wanted to blog that there are only 16 days left of summer school! And friends, I am excited.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

New Resolution

I don't really understand resolutions because they don't usually work. But, I thought I'd try again just to see.

My new resolution is this - to not like a guy until I know what his quirky weirdness is. Because we all have quirky weirdness. Like mine tonight. We went for a walk by the Arkansas river (notice it is not spelled "our-kansas") and we decided to go up to the street and cross the bridge. I couldn't (partially possibly due to keeks' last post) get the Sound of Music out of my head. I had images of Liesel and Marta jumping up and down the stairs and I just couldn't stop singing!! So, do, la, fa, me, re do . . . It's just such a great movie.

Oh, yeah . . . resolution. I, like many girls that I know, form crushes fairly easily. Then I get carried away and when he has only asked me to dance, I dream that we are going to get married someday and live in a little house outside of town with a white picket fence and 2 car seats and a minivan - or at least an SUV. My resolution is this: before I develop this head over heals crush (on a guy who will flirt with me and dance with me and offer to drive me home from fun parties but never asks me out) (note - no bitterness here . . .) I will figure out his quirk.

So many times I have developed a big crush and then, once I find that quirk I think, hello - he drives me crazy, how could I ever like him? But here is my dilema. Will I ever find a guy that doesn't annoy me just a tad? I really don't think so. I kindof hope he does annoy me a little. Or else it would be weird. Because he wouldn't be weird. He would be normal then - and we wouldn't fit because I'm just so gosh darn fun - in my weird, zany, LMM moments. It does, however, have to be one of those quirks that I can deal with. Hmmm . . . maybe I should find out what that is and start looking for guys that fit my quirk. Too bad I'm not supposed to be the one looking!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I am done with my first day of Summer School! Only 19 left to go - and it's gonna go fast! And I understand that I am teaching the lazy kids who couldn't bother to do their homework during the year. But most of these kids are nice, good kids. Ok, ok. It's the first day and they are still a little scared of me but seriously!!

Sadness is, I think one of them stole $20 from another kid. During the year I maintain my sweet little obliviousness to the dumb things that they do - I don't listen to the gossip of which kid is pregnant and all that jazz (which sometimes gets me way out of the loop!). Anyway, it makes me sad. It's so dumb!!