Saturday, June 03, 2006

New Resolution

I don't really understand resolutions because they don't usually work. But, I thought I'd try again just to see.

My new resolution is this - to not like a guy until I know what his quirky weirdness is. Because we all have quirky weirdness. Like mine tonight. We went for a walk by the Arkansas river (notice it is not spelled "our-kansas") and we decided to go up to the street and cross the bridge. I couldn't (partially possibly due to keeks' last post) get the Sound of Music out of my head. I had images of Liesel and Marta jumping up and down the stairs and I just couldn't stop singing!! So, do, la, fa, me, re do . . . It's just such a great movie.

Oh, yeah . . . resolution. I, like many girls that I know, form crushes fairly easily. Then I get carried away and when he has only asked me to dance, I dream that we are going to get married someday and live in a little house outside of town with a white picket fence and 2 car seats and a minivan - or at least an SUV. My resolution is this: before I develop this head over heals crush (on a guy who will flirt with me and dance with me and offer to drive me home from fun parties but never asks me out) (note - no bitterness here . . .) I will figure out his quirk.

So many times I have developed a big crush and then, once I find that quirk I think, hello - he drives me crazy, how could I ever like him? But here is my dilema. Will I ever find a guy that doesn't annoy me just a tad? I really don't think so. I kindof hope he does annoy me a little. Or else it would be weird. Because he wouldn't be weird. He would be normal then - and we wouldn't fit because I'm just so gosh darn fun - in my weird, zany, LMM moments. It does, however, have to be one of those quirks that I can deal with. Hmmm . . . maybe I should find out what that is and start looking for guys that fit my quirk. Too bad I'm not supposed to be the one looking!

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