Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I reported in my last blog that summer starts on Saturday. I am here to report that I was sadly mistaken (hello, it was early on Saturday morning - who gets up that early? oh, yeah - me, two Saturdays in a row - but this Sat it's for Katie's wedding and I'm pretty darn cool with that.).
All right, done with LMM, back to the post.

Summer starts today (well, today in 6 minutes at least). Ok, so I don't' have everything crossed off of my "to do before leaving the building - gots to talk to the principal list" done yet. But, at precisely 11:10 am, all students will be issued out of the doors and (cross my fingers) all grades will be in the computer!! It will be amazing. This will be followed by the Mission Club/Liturgy Club picnic and much shopping for our GIANT luau on Friday, along w/ Angels getting together w/ the Grace girls (way exciting!!). Then I'll hop on over to Ray's grad party and have fun - all in moderation of course.

But seriously - is this really summer? I have two parties, three weddings and some major chilling out to do this weekend. It is ridiculous the amount of activity planned for this memorial day!! I am way excited, don't get me wrong (FJ is getting us tiki torches- our back porch is going to be the bomb!!). But I think it may possibly be a bit overkill on the fun scale. I just want to sit back and sunbathe for a day people!! Ah, well - my time will come.

I haven't written a late night post for a while now. I miss them. There will be many more to come in future days!!! (cause I can stay up past 10:30!!)

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Early on Saturday Morning

When you don't know what to name your post, it is best to start with what you are thinking. I am thinking that it is very early in the morning and wondering why I am awake at 8. But, I had my alarm set to go off in a few minutes anyways so I can make it to the CORE meeting for SALT.

Summer is quickly approaching and it is so exciting. I have been grading like a mad cow all week long. Seriously, I had to stop giving assignments cause I won't have time to grade them all before I have to turn in grades. It is ridiculous. But alas, there are only 4 more days. It is kind of sad. I really like all of my classes this year. Even those kids that drive me crazy in class are really good kids - it's just that when they get to my class they go a little wacko.

I am excited for this summer. I think some really neat things are going to happen. I am going to be the world traveler - ok, just midwest/southern US traveler. But - I get to go to Chicago and New Orleans and I've never been to either place. That is exciting. And I get to go with Jose which will be fun. I will be freaking out about meeting his family - I don't know how to speak Spanish and it will be like My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets Meet the Parents and I hope not that dramatic!!

So, I wait - in joyful anticipation - on this early Saturday morning with the knowledge that next Saturday is the beginning of summer!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Otherwise, if it was spelled correctly - breath of God, the breath of life that is the Holy Spirit. I find it interesting that sometimes you can feel the Holy Spirit moving. Like I just know that something "big" is about to happen. God is prepping me. He's saying "Get off your butt, Lisa! Get a move on. I want to see some things from you!!"

I don't really have a clue of what he is prepping me for. That is the exciting, scary faith part. I think it may have something to do with my crazy summer. And the two trips to Steubenville that I am taking - can we say charismatic and Steubenville in the same sentence? Hello Holy Spirit!

I don't know what this could be. And although I am excited and a little freaked out - it is coming from Jesus - through Mary - are they going to make my life bad? No - they are going to make me closer to Jesus which is closer to heaven which is the true happiness. So although I am freaking out a little, it is good to freak out, it will bring me closer to Jesus.

- ok, don't know if that logic works in reality but it does in my head so flow with me here people!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Red is for . . .

First it was pink and white.

Then yellow with a tinge of red.

Now it is red, a deep meanful red.

. . . for love.