Saturday, October 21, 2006

Up and at em!!

My dad thought it would be a great idea to install Windows XP on my computer - and now it's really pretty. It did, however, take me a while to figure out how to install my wireless card. But I figured it out (who would have known that unplugging a device would assist in the instillation? . . .).

Now, I have access to the internet on my very own computer! It feels like it's been years. How very dependent I am on technological communication.

To catch you up, in my absence I have:
- bought a new car - really cute one too! Pontiac Grand Prix - she still needs a name . . .
- bought an aquarium for my classroom. I have five fish, Jem & Scout (Jem's in his sullen stage and keeps hiding behind the mountain) and 3 little pink girls named Bianca, Kate and Julie - Shakespeare anyone?
- did a complete cleaning of the duplex - yes, Kristi, I even washed the bathroom floor - aren't you proud?

I'm sure lots of other things happened but that's all I got for now! I must go continue cleaning - more dusting-ish type stuff and decluttering. The piles are horrendous.