Friday, October 17, 2008

Have Courage!

The title of my blog reminds me of JPII. It's something he would say to the youth of today. I guess that could apply to my gist as well. One of my Friday night rituals, at least during the fall, is attending the football Mass. Every Friday after school, the football has Mass before the game. And every year those are the Masses that I hate to miss. I love getting to support my "boys" in this way; especially when I get to be an Extraordinary Eucharistic Minsiter. It makes me smile (even when I have to be girly to convince the "macho" senior boys to do the readings!).

FJ's homily today made me smile. He talked about the difference between "males" and "men," making the distinction that males do not need to have courage. Females, in the way that we are built, must have courage; our body demands it. Males, however, do not have the same distinction. Guys have to make a decision to be "men," to stand up for what they believe, to stand for anything at all.

I think this is what makes them so attractive. When I see a guy doing something that takes courage, it is extremely attractive. If they are striving for a goal or stepping out on a limb. It's also what makes me proud of some of my students. When I see them striving for this courage it just gives me a warm feeling inside. In one of my classes today we had a 10 minute conversation on texting. A few of the guys get together on Saturday and just hang out; they aren't allowed to text girls. This lead to the talking about "being" with people and how many have lost the beauty in this. Anyway, back to topic . . .

It feels to me (which doesn't necessarily mean anything) that many guys have lost the desire to be "men." Or not even lost the desire, just put it off until later. The idea that, "I don't need to be a man yet, I can be a guy and hang out and do what I want," seems to be prevalent. It would definitely explain why there are so many amazing single young women out there.

Someday I'll wake up and find that there is a man out there waiting for me, searching for me. I just hope that he doesn't get too lost up in being a guy along his way to me!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Little Way

To say that I love St. Therese would definitely be the truth. One could say that she's been a major influence of many of the good things that have happened in my life. Five years ago (how in the world has it been that long!) my three best friends and I started a novena to St. Therese that changed my life.

In the past few days I've been really missing two of those friends - although the convent and grad school are good places to be! I've also been getting pretty pumped about Baby U2 coming from the other best friend!!

I've been hugely busy the past week - being gone every day till at least 8, with family this weekend, a retreat the weekend before. Apparently I was spacing out so much in class yesturday that one of my students commented that "It's like she's gone to Cancun in her head!" - don't I wish! So, a little stressed out would be an understatement :).

When I glanced at my word of the day calendar (the one I inherited from Sr. Sophia Grace) last night as I was brushing my teeth, I realized that, for the first time in five years I had completely forgotten to pray my novena. I was kind of bummed. I could really use some St. Therese graces this week! So I started last night and my guardian angel finished for me. I prayed the second day this morning.

Today was fairly low stress. I got caught up on most of my back grading, had a fairly productive (albiet short) planning period and headed to All School Mass. I was sitting there, intersperced between my freshmen and sophomores and sometime during the Bishop's homily I prayed, "You know, St. Therese, I'd be OK if I didn't get any daisies as long as I can offer up this suffering and stress to make my kids holier people. It really was a touching moment.

After Mass, I got on with my day and started the craziness of having sophomores turn in papers and do a big project presentation in the same day. It was in the middle of these presentations that my miracle came.

In walked one of my former students - an office aid - with a big bouquet of white daisies just for me. I started tearing up then and there as the love of God overwhelmed me. You know, you hask for things but a lot of times I just expect for them to not happen. I guess the Bishop's homily about trust (see - I really did pay attention!) was something I needed to hear. Although friends seem to be having babies and getting in engaged and are otherwise moving on with life while mine seems to be at somewhat of a standstill, God was saying - "Yes, Lisa. I know it's hard and I know that you're lonely and can't wait to have someone to come home to. But look what I do with the little daisies. Can you even imagine what I have planned for your life?"

Nope, I can't. But I'm sure looking forward to seeing what happens.

And to the messenger that fulfilled my request - Thank you for showing me a piece of God's providence!!