Saturday, May 12, 2007

Puddle Jumping and God

This week has been a stressful week. It could be the fact that school is out, that I am completely burnt out with teaching due to my amazing experience with summer school last year, meeting with a realtor for the first time ever, or just random life events that seem to preoccupy my mind. In any case, the week is over and I can be done with the worrying! That is an exciting prospect!

One good thing about this week, I found myself in the chapel a lot. Whether I made it to Mass on an abnormal day or just randomly made my way to see Jesus during my planning period, we had a lot of face time this week and that was really good. I didn't really find any peace though, sometimes my head works too much:).

Even though I wasn't finding that, "Ahhhhh, Jesus's got in all under control" feeling, I knew that he did anyway. It's kind of interesting. You know how you know something is true but you don't really want to believe it? I think that's how I've been the past week.

Last night this came to a front. I was annoyed with life and school and missing my Angels who are in Spring Sports. I ventured to my first ever swim meet to watch Lauren's last ever swim meet. It was actually pretty neat (as well as pretty humid). I got to talk to a bunch of my girls on the team and that was really good.

I walked out of Northwest to head to my car and it was raining softly (go figure, when has it not rained in the past month?). As I walked I heard people talking and looked up to see an entire rainbow and about 1/4 of another. It was comforting. The last time I saw a rainbow was about a year ago, while I was driving back from my sister's college graduation. A bunch of things were changing and I wasn't sure what God wanted me to do with my life and it was scary to trust him. I took that rainbow as a sign that, "Yes, Lisa, I really am in control!"

So last night, it seemed as more of the same message. "Yep, a year later I am still here. I love you and I have a plan for you (really, I do, you don't need to go look for it or worry about it!)." And I heard this (or saw it, I guess) and I attempted to convince myself that it's message is true.
And then came the puddles. I was never one to jump in puddles or make mudpies or anything of the sort. But if you ever want to, the Northwest parking lot is a great place to find some big ones! I started off a little damp at the ankles. By the time I made it around my car once or twice, the entire back end of my jeans was soaked. I would have sung a little, "Singin' in the Rain," (ok, i did, to myself) if there hadn't been the fear of people around (i.e. lady getting out of her car next to where I was galavanting in the parking lot.
Needless to say, it is finally the weekend, things are looking up (in more ways than one), and hopefully, Lisa will trust that God has all her puddle jumping planned out!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Legend of the $30 Cart

I went to Wally World yesturday because I was in need of essentials. For some reason the essentials included one queen sized sheet, some hair gel and milk (the last one really is needed).

I walked into the world of consumer bliss (and much credit card debt) and got a cart from one of the ladies who was leaving. (LMM - did you know that Dillons now has sanitary wipes for the handle of the cart so you can be free of germs (of which I typed girls - funny slip of the finger there)) As she handed of the cart, I asked it the cart was a good one. She replied, "Yes, it only spends $30!"

"Hmmmmm," I thought to myself as I commenced with remembering the things I needed to get and went about my shopping. I pondered buying a new CD - Michael Buble (or however the heck you spell his name) was sounding awfully tempting. But I went past the CD's, past the shoes aisle, past the baby clothing (that's a hard one now-a-days with cute kids running amuck!) and on to what I needed, not really worrying about the $30 deal.

But, when I got to the cashier, she rang me up. I spent $30.48! It worked! I threatened the cashier with marking the cart and shoving people over the next time I came in. I figure if I tag it, no one will want it. But alas, the cart has been on it's own at the Wal-Mart for more than 24 hours. It may never be found again. It will remain, however, a legend on my blog - the legend of the $30 (and 48 cent) cart!

Sidenote - Aubrey and I switched two of our students in 7th hour today - it made the last hour quite interesting and amusing:)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


As I drove to the East side with Kimmy last night, we had a conversation about normalcy. OK, maybe we didn't actually talk about it. But I was thinking about it!

LMM - See Kimmy in the white Tshirt - she's our Meteorologist hero, it's her first tornado!

See, I am not sure what is normal these days. It seems that, without my knowledge, things have changed and can never be reversed. I am excited about these changes but also a bit scared. I promised myself after last fall that I would prep myself for the next set of changes.

I've been attempting to do so for the past few months, then school gets in the way and I get busy and forget about all else happening. Or, one of the fun new changes (this baby or that baby or neat people hanging out with me:) seems to consume all of my time and I forget about all the changes that I may one day find sad.

This Sunday was Good Shepherd Sunday, a Sunday that will always remind me of Sojourn 2006, our being corralled to Christ and the amazing experience of Andrew and Kristi's wedding. I sat in the pew listening to Fr. Schukman speak of the Good Shepherd and Him leading his flock of lambs. Fr. talked about how when you get sheep together they are very easy to herd. If you only get one or two, though, they will freak out and be completely lost.

I don't feel lost, persay, just a bit bewildered. So many changes are coming my way. Friends are adjusting to married life and parenthood. Kim is getting ready to enter the convent. Jose is moving to Denver to persue his Master's degree. I am moving out on my own (somewhere:). How does one prep oneself for the unknown? I like to imagine things. I once wrote that I need to have a "joyful imagination." It's scary, though, wondering if things will live up to those joyful expectations. And how is that really prepping myself. I am excited for the changes, in a way. I've known they were coming and I know that they will be good. And in addition to the "joyful imagination," I have somewhat of a sense of joyful anticipation for what will happen.

I'm having my student's write about their dreams and goals. I had them write ten year goals. It was interesting to see where they thought they would be - I'm a little older than 10 years older. I am definitely not where I imagined I would be. Even so, where I am is a good place to be!