Tuesday, May 01, 2007


As I drove to the East side with Kimmy last night, we had a conversation about normalcy. OK, maybe we didn't actually talk about it. But I was thinking about it!

LMM - See Kimmy in the white Tshirt - she's our Meteorologist hero, it's her first tornado!

See, I am not sure what is normal these days. It seems that, without my knowledge, things have changed and can never be reversed. I am excited about these changes but also a bit scared. I promised myself after last fall that I would prep myself for the next set of changes.

I've been attempting to do so for the past few months, then school gets in the way and I get busy and forget about all else happening. Or, one of the fun new changes (this baby or that baby or neat people hanging out with me:) seems to consume all of my time and I forget about all the changes that I may one day find sad.

This Sunday was Good Shepherd Sunday, a Sunday that will always remind me of Sojourn 2006, our being corralled to Christ and the amazing experience of Andrew and Kristi's wedding. I sat in the pew listening to Fr. Schukman speak of the Good Shepherd and Him leading his flock of lambs. Fr. talked about how when you get sheep together they are very easy to herd. If you only get one or two, though, they will freak out and be completely lost.

I don't feel lost, persay, just a bit bewildered. So many changes are coming my way. Friends are adjusting to married life and parenthood. Kim is getting ready to enter the convent. Jose is moving to Denver to persue his Master's degree. I am moving out on my own (somewhere:). How does one prep oneself for the unknown? I like to imagine things. I once wrote that I need to have a "joyful imagination." It's scary, though, wondering if things will live up to those joyful expectations. And how is that really prepping myself. I am excited for the changes, in a way. I've known they were coming and I know that they will be good. And in addition to the "joyful imagination," I have somewhat of a sense of joyful anticipation for what will happen.

I'm having my student's write about their dreams and goals. I had them write ten year goals. It was interesting to see where they thought they would be - I'm a little older than 10 years older. I am definitely not where I imagined I would be. Even so, where I am is a good place to be!

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