Sunday, April 24, 2005

Fun Stuff!

Elisabeth Anne's Aliases

Your movie star name: Twizzlers Joe
Your fashion designer name is Elisabeth Rome
Your socialite name is Lioness Wichita
Your fly girl / guy name is E Car
Your detective name is Cats Carroll
Your barfly name is Cake Sex On The Beach
Your soap opera name is Anne Birch
Your rock star name is Chocolate Jaguar
Your Star Wars name is Eliril Carjos
Your punk rock band name is The Happy:) Nose

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Interesting Encounters

This weekend was fantastic! On Friday Kim, Jose and I went to the airport to pick Kristi up from her two-week training in Chicago. It is so good to have all us Daisy Girls together!! Saturday was wonderful. I slept in and then cleaned my room (my closet is full for the first time in months!!). We went out to lunch at Hog Wild Pit BBQ – yummy – with Peter Carney who was home for the weekendJ. Then, Kim, Kristi, Amy and I went hammock/porch swing shopping.
There were some amazingly great songs on the radio while we were shopping. And, it was a beautiful day so we had the windows open in the car. We were sitting at the stoplight next to a guy on a motorcycle and I started singing really loudly. He looked over at us like we were crazy. I kept singing, just a little more quietly however. Here we are in the car, jammin’ and snapping our fingers. It was great. So great it was that when we got to Target I really didn’t want to stop singing. Kristi and I broke out into a chorus on the way to the porch furniture section. We were all singing and groovin’. Then we noticed this guy in the aisle that was staring at us. We both noticed him at the same time and stopped our singing. He looked over at us and said “Hey, good job with the song girls!” It was all we could do not to break down into laughter, it was great!!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Do you know . . .

how happy they always seem in musicals? They're all goo-goo and it is really gross to watch.

I feel like that this week :). I like it, it is neat!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Eight years later . . .

Tonight I experienced a first. Pretty late for an almost 25 year old, but that's ok. I had my first date to a dance (if you don't count my pappa who is amazing, but really - who else is he going to ask to the Father/Daughter dance?). After experiencing all of my high school dances going either stag or stag w/ one of my best friends' dates (I couldn't even get a date to Sadie Hawkins man!), I finally had a date!

Let me just say that I like dates. They are neat. I like having a boyfriend. He is pretty neat. I like him. He likes me too. He picks out really good roses (and knows it too). And even though I will have a gazillion questions to answer Monday morning from each and every student that I have, going to prom this year was a blast!! Yeah for chaperones - aka - one who buys alcohol (just had to remember the Nathaniel there:)!

btw - I have a "suprise" date tomorrow. I hear it will be fun. I will let you know:).