Sunday, November 20, 2005

Better Days :)

This Daisy Girl is in a better mood. I had a great weekend - prospects look up when you have a different from normal routine this week and I get to go home. (I think that was one of the most grammatically incorrect sentences I have ever written!)

I had a great weekend. It was kind of mellow, with half of our friends in Roma. I've decided that mellow may be buena!! Friday we ate soup and went to go see Harry Potter. Let's just say the part w/ You-Know-Who gave me the heeby jeebies this time . . . Then on Saturday I woke up to say Ciao to our flying friends, chilled out and cleaned our house and met a friend for coffee. Then we went to Erin's Party-Lite party - there was some way good food there and some candles that I don't want to afford - Wally-world is good for me. Maybe on a special day I'll buy a good smelling candle at an upscale place like Kohl's (I have a red white and blue one from them that smells divine!). Then a bunch of us (well, ok, it was seven of us - nice small number for friends) went karaoke-ing!! I have decided that my dream to be the next Patsy Cline will never come true but it never hurts to try!

Today rounded out the weekend w/ Mass - we got the stewardship homily from Fr. Daryl - I hear it's his best homily all year long! (j/k). I went to a TEC meeting, came home and chilled out for a while. Then I took a nap. When I woke up from the nap Kristi and Andrew were cooking us dinner (it was rocking, let me tell you - complete w/ pecan brownies!) Then we watched Christmas w/ the Kranks. Not the best movie ever. It was kind of draggy. But it was close to perfect chilling out, don't have anything to worry about Sunday night movie!

Needless to say, Lisa's mood has gotten a bit better:). Yay!!

P. S. Here's to lost drinks!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

a blucky mood

Every few months I get this funk. I am annoyed at everyone (or at least it seems that way). I don't want to do anything (but I don't want to do nothing either). It's just this blucky annoyed sick kind of feeling. I don't like it. I don't invite it, it just comes. And when it comes I have to get out of my house that has 500 people in it all the time; away from cute couples and schoolwork and such. I wish that I understood this feeling and I wish that I could get rid of it!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Joyful, Joyful Lord We Adore Thee

Sometimes joy comes when we least expect it, after we are feeling all blue. I was feeling all sad yesturday, for a variety of reasons but I cried and let it all out and gave it to God.

Then I went to our TEC meeting and had to give my practice meditation. It was scary and I went really fast (my half hour talk turned into 15 minutes . . . ) but it was great to get it out there finally and get some feedback.

After the TEC meeting I went to the YA Mass and dinner with the Bishop. During my cry session earlier in the day, I had asked the Holy Spirit to work through me and help me be open to His will. Then I got to be both a lector and a Eucharistic Minister at mass - completely on the spot. Even so, Mass was awesome and the Bishop remembers us from the Dish with the Bish! A little scary but way cool!! (Although, how could you not remember the girls that invited you and 70 of their closest friends over for dinner?)

We were cleaning up from dinner and I was playing with Abby - my five year old friend. I love having five year olds for friends, it gives me an excuse to act like them. I took Abby out to the middle of the gym and we danced together. It was so fun! We were all dressed up and pretty! It reminded me of when my friend Lenicka and I would twirl around the pillars in the basement of St. Ignatious while we ate donuts after Mass. It was great times!!

It seems that that joy has carried through today and it has been really neat. I like it!!