Monday, November 07, 2005

Joyful, Joyful Lord We Adore Thee

Sometimes joy comes when we least expect it, after we are feeling all blue. I was feeling all sad yesturday, for a variety of reasons but I cried and let it all out and gave it to God.

Then I went to our TEC meeting and had to give my practice meditation. It was scary and I went really fast (my half hour talk turned into 15 minutes . . . ) but it was great to get it out there finally and get some feedback.

After the TEC meeting I went to the YA Mass and dinner with the Bishop. During my cry session earlier in the day, I had asked the Holy Spirit to work through me and help me be open to His will. Then I got to be both a lector and a Eucharistic Minister at mass - completely on the spot. Even so, Mass was awesome and the Bishop remembers us from the Dish with the Bish! A little scary but way cool!! (Although, how could you not remember the girls that invited you and 70 of their closest friends over for dinner?)

We were cleaning up from dinner and I was playing with Abby - my five year old friend. I love having five year olds for friends, it gives me an excuse to act like them. I took Abby out to the middle of the gym and we danced together. It was so fun! We were all dressed up and pretty! It reminded me of when my friend Lenicka and I would twirl around the pillars in the basement of St. Ignatious while we ate donuts after Mass. It was great times!!

It seems that that joy has carried through today and it has been really neat. I like it!!

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