Friday, July 28, 2006

Too fast

My summer time is slipping away oh so quickly!! Soon my life will be planning and grading and planning and grading. And talking. A lot. Everyday. And being grammatically correct while I do so. Ick.

Don't get me wrong, I love teaching. I also love the summer and staying up as late as I want to and getting up whenever I feel like it. I like the lazy evenings sitting around and talking to friends. The thing is, however, since it has actually been my summertime (for the past month) I haven't done much of the sitting around with friends. I've had a lot of Lisa time. And I've been doing lots of stuff. But I haven't chilled so much as I would like to.

I went to the Cathedral for Mass on Tuesday. On the way home I had to take a detour (Kellogg was once again closed). I ended up stopping by Kathy's and having an amazing talk with her, then going by Erin's to grab a couple hugs and chat while she did her laundry. It was such a great afternoon!

I was home for the past two days and my mom and I found a karaoke on demand channel on their cable. I think we spent about two hours jamming together singing all the songs that we knew (or at least thought we knew). IT was great. Neither one of us has a clue as to much of how "You are the Sunshine of My Life" by Stevie Wonder goes. But we had a rocking version of "Monday Monday" by the Mommas and Pappas!! The cat just looked at us like we were out of our minds:)

I'm leaving to see my grandparents in CO on Sunday - I'm so excited! I'm not that excited about getting back. I have to start being a real person with a real job again!! Ah, well. I get to be a mentor for our new English teacher and that is pretty exciting!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Two years and a Month

My blog has been around for two years and a month! And, as I read back over the entries (as I have been doing for the past half hour, I realize that I need to go make the bread for dinner so that it's ready when we eat it. . . so after Marianna has made bread and I looked for a stray packet of yeast, we have some kneading going on). Oh, yeah, sentence. As I read over my entries, I am struck once again by how much I have changed in the past two years.

I went from having very few friends to having a multitude of really great friendships. I went from being a 1st year teacher to approaching my fourth year of teaching. I have gone from being not really sure who I was, to having a pretty good handle of who I am and what makes me click. At least I think so anyway.

Jose's words of wisdom were once "You know, Lisa, you won't be a Daisy Girl forever." At the time, last December, my life was a little up in the air and his words freaked me out more than a little. Who wanted to take away my house and my girls and my sense of being? I had applied to teach overseas. My roommate was getting married, we didn't know what was going to happen to the Daisy House and I thought for a while I was called to be a nun. Oh, the drama that insues during our lives.

Now it's July. And I live in a really cute duplex with my friend Marianna. I made it through teaching summer school and the world is looking like a nice place to be. I don't feel the need to be searching for something new. I found out that I am not supposed to be a nun, even though their lives never cease to amaze me. I don't need anything for our duplex - although a really comfy reading chair in a sage green that is reasonably inexpensive would be nice. I am starting to get excited about school - even though I haven't been out for that long:). And the fact that there is no boy right now is all right with me. That kind of weirds me out, however. I'd like there to be a boy. A man, really, who I'll get to have kids with someday (speaking of kids, I had a dream where I was 9 months pregnant and playing with the babies feet inside my tummy - should this weird me out?). But for right now, he's not here and that's ok.

I guess it's a feeling of contentment. Not completely, of course, but enough to want to sit back and enjoy life for a while. And enjoy some Lois and Clark while I'm at it - that was such a great show!!

This doesn't seem to be much of the late anniversary post that it should, but it is what it is and I'm all right with that:)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Late Lisa

Alas, once again the hecticness of June - why is it always thus? - has made me miss my blog-aversary!! So sad . . . tear. I will however, post a late blogaversary blog in honor of the occassion very soon!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I started this post last week but the craziness off life and TEC and family overwhelmed me for a few days. I still, however, wanted to post it:)


That is how I feel. It hasn't completely sunk in that the Daisy House is no longer ours - I think because I don't want it to. So I am deciding - as of this moment - not to make it a big deal. This is advise I got over a year ago from a wise and caring friend at a moment that was a teansy bit ackward. "Don't let it be a big deal." So this is what I will try with my house. I don't think the whole - I'll stay up as late as possible and make myself as exhasted as possible so I'll fall asleep will work forever.


About a week later, it's still a little weird - I can't tell whether living at the SLC for three days was a help or hinderance to feeling at home in our new place. I still, however, picture Kim at home at our house cleaning the kitchen or in my room planning Steubenville stuff. Sad day . . . and yet I think I can find peace with it, at least with the help of my friends and Daisy Girls:)

On much less sappy note, we are having a housewarming party tomorrow at the duplex - dubbed L&M's (Lisa and Marianna's) and you all should come!!