Sunday, April 10, 2005

Eight years later . . .

Tonight I experienced a first. Pretty late for an almost 25 year old, but that's ok. I had my first date to a dance (if you don't count my pappa who is amazing, but really - who else is he going to ask to the Father/Daughter dance?). After experiencing all of my high school dances going either stag or stag w/ one of my best friends' dates (I couldn't even get a date to Sadie Hawkins man!), I finally had a date!

Let me just say that I like dates. They are neat. I like having a boyfriend. He is pretty neat. I like him. He likes me too. He picks out really good roses (and knows it too). And even though I will have a gazillion questions to answer Monday morning from each and every student that I have, going to prom this year was a blast!! Yeah for chaperones - aka - one who buys alcohol (just had to remember the Nathaniel there:)!

btw - I have a "suprise" date tomorrow. I hear it will be fun. I will let you know:).

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