Saturday, May 12, 2007

Puddle Jumping and God

This week has been a stressful week. It could be the fact that school is out, that I am completely burnt out with teaching due to my amazing experience with summer school last year, meeting with a realtor for the first time ever, or just random life events that seem to preoccupy my mind. In any case, the week is over and I can be done with the worrying! That is an exciting prospect!

One good thing about this week, I found myself in the chapel a lot. Whether I made it to Mass on an abnormal day or just randomly made my way to see Jesus during my planning period, we had a lot of face time this week and that was really good. I didn't really find any peace though, sometimes my head works too much:).

Even though I wasn't finding that, "Ahhhhh, Jesus's got in all under control" feeling, I knew that he did anyway. It's kind of interesting. You know how you know something is true but you don't really want to believe it? I think that's how I've been the past week.

Last night this came to a front. I was annoyed with life and school and missing my Angels who are in Spring Sports. I ventured to my first ever swim meet to watch Lauren's last ever swim meet. It was actually pretty neat (as well as pretty humid). I got to talk to a bunch of my girls on the team and that was really good.

I walked out of Northwest to head to my car and it was raining softly (go figure, when has it not rained in the past month?). As I walked I heard people talking and looked up to see an entire rainbow and about 1/4 of another. It was comforting. The last time I saw a rainbow was about a year ago, while I was driving back from my sister's college graduation. A bunch of things were changing and I wasn't sure what God wanted me to do with my life and it was scary to trust him. I took that rainbow as a sign that, "Yes, Lisa, I really am in control!"

So last night, it seemed as more of the same message. "Yep, a year later I am still here. I love you and I have a plan for you (really, I do, you don't need to go look for it or worry about it!)." And I heard this (or saw it, I guess) and I attempted to convince myself that it's message is true.
And then came the puddles. I was never one to jump in puddles or make mudpies or anything of the sort. But if you ever want to, the Northwest parking lot is a great place to find some big ones! I started off a little damp at the ankles. By the time I made it around my car once or twice, the entire back end of my jeans was soaked. I would have sung a little, "Singin' in the Rain," (ok, i did, to myself) if there hadn't been the fear of people around (i.e. lady getting out of her car next to where I was galavanting in the parking lot.
Needless to say, it is finally the weekend, things are looking up (in more ways than one), and hopefully, Lisa will trust that God has all her puddle jumping planned out!

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