Saturday, May 21, 2005

Early on Saturday Morning

When you don't know what to name your post, it is best to start with what you are thinking. I am thinking that it is very early in the morning and wondering why I am awake at 8. But, I had my alarm set to go off in a few minutes anyways so I can make it to the CORE meeting for SALT.

Summer is quickly approaching and it is so exciting. I have been grading like a mad cow all week long. Seriously, I had to stop giving assignments cause I won't have time to grade them all before I have to turn in grades. It is ridiculous. But alas, there are only 4 more days. It is kind of sad. I really like all of my classes this year. Even those kids that drive me crazy in class are really good kids - it's just that when they get to my class they go a little wacko.

I am excited for this summer. I think some really neat things are going to happen. I am going to be the world traveler - ok, just midwest/southern US traveler. But - I get to go to Chicago and New Orleans and I've never been to either place. That is exciting. And I get to go with Jose which will be fun. I will be freaking out about meeting his family - I don't know how to speak Spanish and it will be like My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets Meet the Parents and I hope not that dramatic!!

So, I wait - in joyful anticipation - on this early Saturday morning with the knowledge that next Saturday is the beginning of summer!!!

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