Friday, June 23, 2006


I got home from Angels last night and was chilling out watching some Everwood. After watching the greatness that was the series finale, I looked up the DVD at Wal-mart and bought the bargain that was $19.95. I think that, at least in my world, DVD'd TV shows are much cheaper than paying for cable. Besides that, I don't have to worry about missing anything!

But, I'm off on an LMM before I start! The episode I watched last night is called "Snow Job" - not as in the Italian job or the job that I am going to be done with in only 3 school days, but as in Job of the Bible that lost everything.

It was interesting, because before I watched it I read a journal entry that I wrote this spring about the promises God has made to me. He guarantees some pretty rocking stuff. Sometimes it seems too good to be true. But sometimes the promise of things to come seems to be the only thing that gets us through . . . the promise that summer school really will be over on Wednesday when all my kids get done with their presentations, the promise that though the Daisy House will be a memory in a week I really will still have friends, the promise of someday when I get to be grown up and be a mommy and have a family.

Ok, so I didn't mean for this to be sentimental and sad. Ok, realistically maybe I did.

So what does this mean? On Wednesday I will be done teaching summer school!! On Thursday I will spend my last night in my Daisy House. On Friday I will pray our last DH rosary in our Daisy House living room. But also on Friday Marianna and I will spend our first night (ok, my first night) at the duplex. And then, I might actually get to start my summer vacation!

Speaking of which, we need to do something neat for the 4th of July - I need to see some fireworks!!

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