Saturday, June 10, 2006


I was at a friend's wedding last night. The only reason I know Ben at all is because my friends are friends with him - you know how that works. We talk when we see each other but we wouldn't ever call and make plans to hang out.

Aside from my two best friends from college that came down for the wedding, all of the people that I knew yesturday fit into that category. I had a blast hanging out with them. I heard college stories that I'd never heard. (LMM - Sarah and I called ourselves "floaters" in college because we didn't really have "our" group. We were both transfer students who never found just one group of people to hang out with, we hung out with whoever we saw first or in someone's room. Hanging out with people was a very sporadic thing.) Add all this to the fact that I got to be a super senior in college and, after a few of my groups graduated with "my" class of 2002, I hung out with members of the class of 2003 (my actual graduating class) . . . end of LMM).

Sometimes this whole group hopping thing isn't all it cracks up to be. I don't necessarily get invited to that many things from college. But, it seems that there are just certain times when I hang with people and it all seems right and peaceful. I got that opportunity last night. I saw people I haven't seen since college or other weddings/Homecomings/random other events when you see people. I found out that my friend Kandace actually lives in town, about 10 minutes away from me - and has for the past year. I heard stories and told stories and drank and laughed.

And it was peaceful. I guess that's the thing I wasn't really expecting. I had a crappy day at work yesturday and it was amazing to get to "be" with people that I don't normally get to hang out with. It was, with all the hecticness of moving out in 3 weeks, stupid job stuff and other volunteer stuff that just keeps coming, a very nice evening.


Jessica said...

who's wedding?

Lisa said...

one of Matt Schieber's friends who transfered to KState - I can't really spell his last name.

Jessica said...

anything going on this weekend?