Wednesday, December 01, 2004

It is a blogaversary!!

Ok, so I missed the sixth month anniversary of my blog last Friday due to the whole being off for Thanksgiving break. But, it is an occasion in which to reflect (one of my favorite things) and to ponder the future (another favorite thing), as well as an opportunity to get some more readers!! comments are welcome :).

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes . . .

A few of my favorite bloggings . . . and other random thoughts (this is random ramblings, you realize)

1 ~ The simple things in life . . . I love the little things. The Daisy House had a Thanksgiving Dinner at our house last week. After we were done gorging ourselves on a scrumptious feast, we sat around our fireplace and sang praise and worship. It was amazing because it was so simple; and yet the simple is not recognized in everyday life. It makes me sad.

2~ The romantic things in life - This blog happened to be about musicals, but reminds me of the sad state of my love life. Ok, the completely non-existent state of my love life. I want the whistles and bells and the butterflies and the walking on clouds sensation that seems to be an everyday occurrence in musicals. You can just (as a man) ask for a "beautiful hide" and there she comes. It is crazy.

I worry - will I miss it when it comes. Will I over analyze? (whatever I do, the answer to this one will be yes) And the ever faithful - When the stinking time will he come, man, I am done waiting!! But then, when he gets here, will I be completely annoyed with him and rule him out? (probably not but how will I know?)

3 ~ LMM - nuff said, read the blog, it is totally me

4 ~ Standing outside the fire - I have a fervent belief that we miss out on a lot of opportunities because they take work and we are lazy. Tonight, driving home from the east side, my roommates and I got all excited about things that need to happen in the young adult world of the Wichita Diocese. We were full of ideas and great thoughts, but it all comes down to this: What are we going to do?

These are a few of my random thoughts on the last six months. I am full of LMM's and have so much that wants to come out of my brain but my fingers just can't keep up and the rest of my brain fell asleep because I woke up early to work out.

All in all, there are things that I want (my favorite things). Some of them are way out there (staging a musical in the Wal-mart). Some are everyday things such as getting through the day with a 100 16 year-olds. Others are hopefully long term things like meeting the man of my dreams and having babies.

I don't know what to do with these dreams but just keep dreaming. And, when I really don't want to, stand outside the fire and make it happen!

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