Thursday, December 02, 2004

Why do girls do that?

This was the topic of conversation at the Daisy house the other night, brought up by our friend Jim: "Why do they do that?" he asked, "Why do Girls have relationships with guys in their heads?"

The answer I gave at the time (at least in my head, I can't remember if it was out loud) was that girls are dumb. The real reason, however, is that most girls (me) find that having a boyfriend (or even the thought of a boyfriend) is exciting and fun.

Example: My senior year of high school I had already ruled out all the boys that I would actually date (Ok, so none of them asked me out so it was fruitless). And, having a crush is a fun thing. (LMM - My friend Jen once said that she wanted someone to have a crush on our friend Brandon so I said ok, I will! little did she know I already had a crush on him but that is another story). So . . . back to senior year. I had decided to have this huge crush on a Mormon boy. I knew nothing would ever happen and therefore it was "safe." It made life fun: I made a big deal out of it when I saw him in the hall, and English class was always looked to with anticipation.

In other words. we gals like to plan and dream. Many of the girls that I know have planned much of their weddings. I know what colors I want, what songs I want played at the reception, what type of dress I want to wear, that there must be some pink somewhere. All I don't have is the groom. The point of this diatribe? We like to plan. We like to dream. It puts a smile on my face.

So . . . why do we have relationships with boys in our heads? It gives us something to think about while waiting for Mr. Right. It is a lot safer to "pretend" to be dating someone, wondering what it would be like than to face the rejection of a real life "I don't like you like that but you are a great friend," or the falling in love with a guy who isn't worth it.

Unfortunately, when your imagination doesn't happen to coincide with reality, that can be more depressing than being bored in the first place.

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