Monday, July 05, 2004

A Call: Standing Inside the Fire

My friend Kristi and I have just returned from a weekend of craziness in which we have taken a road trip. We decided that we wanted to go on a road trip on Tuesday. It would be fun, we said. But, how often do we do the things that we say will be fun? It has happened to me on many occasions.

I believe that sometimes fear or practicality can get in the way of something God may be calling us to do. What if he is calling us to go to South Bend, Indiana and meet fun and exciting people on the way?

So, as the Garth Brooks song says, "life is not tried, it is mearly survived if you are standing outside the fire." who wants to just survive? I want to live!!

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Kiki said...

You know... one would think that standing in the fire would be painful. But it turns out that "It Hurts So Good." It was neat to find out that we are very on the same "Page" (blvd). And if you remember nothing else, remember that lightening bugs will lead the way to the dock of the bay... or was it a great lake.... :) Lisa, I had a wonderful time this weekend. Thanks for being so crazy and fun. We should jump in the fire more often. :)