Thursday, December 30, 2004

in the middle of a rebuttal

So, I am in the middle of writing another blog to finish out the year of 2004 but my thoughts got interrupted (blame it all on the little man, it is totally his fault).

I just have to say that I love guy hugs. They have to be the greatest thing ever. Which brings me to a funny story. (does it seem that all stories start like that?) Think back to junior year of college (my junior year not yours). I was walking down the steps of the student union on my way to check my mail or something and ran into my friend Patrick. We were both like "Hey! I need a hug." And seriously, it was the best hug ever. Unfortunately Patrick transferred to some school in Colorado the next year but in January of the next year I saw him at a conference. We were talking about all the good old times (like when he borrowed a clean pillow case from me after a friend sat on his while we watched Tarzan) and he brought up the hug. "Do you remember that hug on the steps of the student union that day?" he said to me. "Yes! I do, that was great!" I replied.

And that is my ode to great hugs.

End of LMM.

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