Monday, October 04, 2004

Random Meetings

So, I have to tell y'all a story. My roommates think I am hilarious (and I quite agree sometimes, check out our craziness on the little blue house blog!!) They thought that I should share this story with you
It all started on an early Sunday morning at the Kansas State Fair. Kim, Kristi and I were working the Kansans for Life booth. I was taking a break and walking around early in the morning before there were very many people there. I was headed down the aisle (extra credit for me, I used a usage word, sorry LMM) walking toward the concession stand.
There was an older man standing in the middle of the walkway. I had never seen him before but he looked like someone's grandfather. Anyhow, he stopped right in front of me and stuck out his arms halfway as if to say "Hey, can I have a hug."
Instead of turning the other way and dashing past him (which my roommates feel would have been the normal response) I gave him a quick but nice hug, then turned the other way and dashed off. I could not leave the nice little grandfather in the middle of the Kansas State Fair hugless, I just couldn't.
So, now I fear I have earned the reputation for giving hugs to people that I don't know. But I am all right with that:).

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