Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Little Blue House. . .And other fun blog happenings!

And next up, an update on Lisa's very fun blog.

Fun, new and exciting things have been happening at Random Ramblings (23).

1) I have a new commenting system where you don't have to sign in or even leave the blog page! All you have to do is type your comment. You may even be anonymous! (but I would much prefer you leave a name so I can know who you are:)

2) We have a fun new house blog page for your enjoyment. There is a link on the side of the page, or you can just click this link here:

3) On this fun new site, you can hear (or read) the new happenings of the Daisy House (if you want to find out about our name, read the blog!!). You also have a chance to meet my roomies, Kim and Kristi (fondly known as Kimmy and Kiki).

4) It is already Tuesday night and an 8th of the school year is over!!

that is all, I bid you good whatever timeitisthatyouarereadingthis.

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