Saturday, January 14, 2006


This past week I had my freshman students write a Personal Portfolio, filling it with different entries telling me (and themselves) about who they are as freshman in high school. I figure that with a semester under their belts, they have more of an understanding of who "being me" really is.

I find it very interesting, in retrospect, how I was in high school, and how the "me" in high school has shaped who I am today. Sometimes it is hard to remember the Lisa who was a freshman in high school, getting lost (whether it be in the halls or in the eyes of the dreamy sophomore in my civics class - who by the way still ranks as one of the cutest guys I've ever held hands with (yay for praying during youth group!!).

I was so worried about the impression that I gave to other people. I was so shy and quiet. Wouldn't it be interesting to go back and live (just for a day) as you felt as a freshman? It makes me sad to think how much fear I had. I had to worry about wearing the right outfit, saying the right thing, sitting with the right people at lunch, eating the "cool thing" for lunch (which unfortunatly turned out to be pizza hut pizza and french fries - how gross is that!).

I know that if I had the chance to go back and change myself I wouldn't be the me that I am today (and I am pretty partial to myself). I also know, however, how many others are as scared as I was and that makes me sad.

We are diamonds in the ruff!! We need to let ourselves shine!!


jensei said...

Amen to that... too bad I still find myself in fear of myself and how I am perceived. Perhaps I will learn truly what it means to be okay with myself. Oh, the book keeps getting better!
Much Love

Sarah said...

Hi Lisa. :) Like the new site!

Sarah said...

I never truly found myself until I came to an understanding of Christ's amazing love for me and realized that He has a plan for my life. People will never fully "know" or feel permission to be who they were made to be until they are set free through relationship with Jesus. :-)