Sunday, February 26, 2006

Yay! A post from Lisa

I don't rightly know who else would post on my website - as that would be a bit weird and a teenie bit strange, to say the least - it is just an exclamation of, "Hey, after a month of dryness there is finally new postage on this site" (not to be confused with the new postage at the post office who we recieved a postcard from the other day with the cartoon character Cathy saying we can buy stamps at selected ATM machines - Yippeee!!! I always wanted to do that!!)

All right, enough LMM, let's get down to the good stuff. Keeks has been bugging me for a post and was speaking today about how she occasionally goes back and rereads the post from the previous year of the same month. (if that makes sense).

So I did. And I was reminded of the craziness of this weekend a year ago - the infamous "Weekend Off" after having some activity for 2 months strait - and all the drama of our "weekend off." I find it very ironic that my biggest post last February was my lamenting of my singleness. I then found myself wondering that if I lamented again then perhaps the single status would also take care of itself once again. That would be exciting! Alas, there are not any boys making my heart go "cuthump, cuthump" inside my chest as of now. I don't know when that could happen either. Anyway, I decided that this post would not be lamenting so here goes - Lisa not lamenting. I think that would make a great novel title! (a novel idea in fact.)

I have learned something in the writing of this post: One, that Crown and Coke's and Lisa blogging make for a very non-exciting blabbering blog that may be bubbley but not exactly beautiful - how's that for semi - drunken alliteration!! Two - I don't have a whole lot that I want to write about at 1 in the morning. Three - I just added three because it seems you can't have a list with only two. Four - I should really make my bed. I washed my sheets today (our dryer is finally fixed (after 10 minutes and $150 of our landlord's money) and have no sheets on my bed. Some clothes, yes but no sheets. Five - I was going to start singing the Ant's go marching song but I can't remember what five is. I think six deals with sticks . . .

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Kiki said...

you CRACK me up... or perhaps you are on CRACK. Either way... jolly good blog, roommate.