Thursday, November 29, 2007

My friends

I know this is my second post it a few minutes but I had stuff to blog about so I figured, hey, why not?

I was having a conversation today and some things just kind of clicked - I found them quite interesting. We were discussing our group of Wichita friends. We have changed very drastically in the past 6 months. We've (and this is a list of all not necessarily a list of my accompishments) gone to the convent, moved to be closer to fiances, had children, moved to Denver, gotten annulments, moved to different areas of town, canceled rosary, gotten dogs and many other life changing events.

This is a group of friends that I was once really close to. We knew each others schedules, we would see each other daily, we would eat meals together and go to mass together and pray together. We were an intregal part of each other's lives. Today we may see each other every couple of weeks or months. What was once hanging with family has become, in some cases, semi-awkward encounters with accquaintences.

That may seem a bit overeactive (and is, in a way). In other cases, however, this is a pretty true reality.

The reason for this diatribe is that this makes hanging out in big groups quite awkward. We are not what we once were, at least with everyone. I am good friends still with some but have become much farther from others that I was once. I don't think this is anyone's fault I just think that it is the truth and it makes me a bit sad.

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