Sunday, November 07, 2004

Keep Holy the Sabbath

In high school, I was always annoyed that my mom would never go shopping or anything on Sunday. Now, however, I realize that she was attempting to give us some time off of the real world.

I was never a "no work on Sundays" type gal till college. Taking a day off of studying seemed like a great idea. There were some great Sundays too. Hanging out watching Pappa's Angels with my suitemates in the 1st Atchison Benedictine Abbot's room (hurray for Abbot Innocent Wolf!!) and taking long walks to the abby pond with random people (LMM - one time my friend Jeff Block and I (he was great, I miss him) walked down to "Lake Angelas" only to find freshman boys swimming in the pond (quite scary, let me tell you, plus they were loud and it ruined the quiet, out in the country feel of the afternoon (with the exeption of being able to hear the train pass)). But I digress . . . a lot . . .

The girls of the Daisy House have instituted "Cozy Days" for the sole purpose of chillin' out on Sundays with our friends. Let me tell you. This makes my weekends feel like mini vacations. It is so nice to be able to play cards or carve pumpkins or bake goodies for my friends. It is all that stuff that I never have time to do during the week that I get time for on our Sundays.

So, I just wanted to give a shout out to the big JC - Thanks for giving us this time to fellowship with you on this sacramental day, it is rockin!!!

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