Sunday, February 27, 2005

Thoughts of an English Teacher

Yes, Jason, I agree that the "So, . . . " could and is getting a little old. But it is a fun way to start out a paragraph.

But, the whole discussion made me think about how none grammatically correct I write on my blog. And how, as an English teacher, this should annoy me greatly. But - it doesn't. I think that I am rebelling. I have to grade a hundred and five papers (ok, I am supposed to grade 105 papers, that doesn't mean I get that many). Many of them say the same things over and over and over again - not a whole lot of creativity. Also, very few of them stay on topic (or at least the topic that they are supposed to be on). I think that may be why my blogs are so random - I don't have to grade my blog, or make sure that the spelling is right or that I have the right sentence structure or dangling modifiers or run on sentences . . . And, you get to read them! joy of joys!!

On a slightly different topic, I have been thinking a lot about being content. Actually, it has been more praying about being content. The conclusion that I have come to (at least to an extent) is that you have to want to be content. It is a choice. I know that God loves me. I know that He cares for me and that if I am open to it, he can do wondrous things through me - and for me. In order for this to happen, I have to give myself over and let him know that I want Him to - to allow him to.

It is amazing that gifts that God has given me in the past year. Not a year ago, I was sitting in my apartment wondering why I did not have any friends - hello, I am a fun person! Since then, God has blessed me with some life-long forever friends that love me even through my grammatically incorrectness and annoying spells of not cleaning anything and just being annoyed. It took a while to find them, but I am so blessed by them that it amazes me. You guys add to my life in such an important way!! I love each of you more than I can say!

btw - happy Sunday during let - yay for Feast days!

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