Wednesday, March 05, 2008


From 2, there have come 103 (soon to be 106).

I attended the rosary for Mildred Ashford last night. She was Kimmy's grandma. And from this one woman and her husband there have come 106 other human beings.

I live my little single Lisa life. I go to school. I teach kids about books and words and life and God. I get mad at my sophomores for not listening or learning about books and words and life and God. I come home and eat dinner by myself and attempt to have some semblence of a life. I hope that I'll meet the man who will love me and want to spend his life with me.

But 106. And yet, I have more students than that in a given semester. So why does this number seem so big to me?

As many of you know, I'm not good at staying it touch with people. It doesn't occur to me to call up people when I miss them. And many times, when it does, I have a fear that they will have something better to do then to talk to me.

Even so, there's this hope of the more, of the bigger, of the epic. Hope of the 106. Grandma Ashford, as you approach the heavenly throne, please pray that I too may approach the epic that will be my dash in life.


Ray said...

I know lis isn't that awesome 106. On the way home from her rosary I told Randy how awesome it was and that some day I want my dash to be remembered that way. Here's to you and someday your 106. Love Ray

Anonymous said...

You've already reached your 106 and beyond, Lisa! You're a great woman.
God has some amazing plans for you... He's just not ready to reveal them to you yet.

You should come over tomorrow night! 8pm at our house. Bible study. Really cozy fun conversation... I wish you'd come visit!