Monday, April 14, 2008

Reaping the Benefits

Few thoughts real quick . . .

I've always heard about how those who's family/close friends enter the convent reap the benefit of their prayers. I always feel this the most after I talk to Kimmy and hear her insight on all of her life goings on and my life goings on, I feel closer to God. It seems like it's easier to find those little daisies that I know are there each day but sometimes - most times - seem to forget about.

I didn't know how much I missed our weekly rosary until this evening. I love the alone togetherness of praying a rosary in a group. I seem to spend more time alone at the moment. But it was always comforting to be able to lift up my thoughts and feelings to God in a room full of my close friends. They don't need to hear all of those prayers but they are there with me all the same. For a long time the thought of rosary night made me sad and miss my home, my Daisy House (my brain seems to forget that we had it at the duplex for a year!). Tonight, however, it was just comforting and nice.

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