Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My thinking problem

One of my friends in high school told me once, "Lisa, you think too much." And I do. Even now, years later, I have not outgrown the habit of thinking - overanalyzing every little situation into something big and huge and un-deal-with-able. Ok, not every situation but pretty close.

I think this is part of my problem with being undecisive. At a restaurant, during the day, it takes me forever to decide what I want to do. Why is this? Sometimes it is so easy. I want to wear this today. Other times, I try on 10 shirts before deciding to go with the first one with a different pair of pants. For those of you that know me, and have talked to me in the past few days - it has been one big Lisa Think Tank. Seriously, I can't get it to stop!! And what does this do? It blows everything out of proportion and I get freaked out.

So, how do I get over this over thinking problem? It works to talk to people. Late night conversations about crazy things like boys and whatever else we talk about. But what about when there's no one to talk to? What do I do then? I write in my journal to God, but it is so nice to get a human response - one that I can get a hug from.

I don't know if I have a solution. But I am tired of thinking!!

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