Sunday, June 12, 2005

quick post from a tired little lisa

Hey all - I feel so far away from everyone (except for one:)

I have been in Rockford, Il for the past week (almost) and things are going well. I experienced my first Peruvian wedding yesturday and man was it a blast!! Jose's cousins are all really fun (it's nice to hang w/ family that is actually your age). I feel like I have been flying a whirl wind the last few days, spending time w/ Jose, following him car shopping - he got a Nissan Altima that is really cute (can I say that about a guy's car?), picking up brothers and chilling with family, besides meeting all of Jose's really neat friends from youth group in hs.

Over all, it has been a great trip. I feel like I am quiet all the time because everyone is speaking Spanish, but hey - it also gives me a reason to not have to talk as much. Not that I need one of those, but I haven't said anything really stupid to anyone but Josie in days (poor guy). It is great:). Anyways, I will post more from my parent's house sometime around Wednesday. I love you all and miss you!

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