Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Happy Blogiversary to me!!

I almost missed it!! (ok, so I did, it is technically 1:10, but we'll pretend I live in CA (that is where I was born) and that it is still the anniverary of Lisa's very first blog. In honor of this momentous occasion that I almost forgot, I figured I'd give you a list. A Lisa kind of list, not like Kristi's (see Rebuttal - Dec 2004). Therefore, I cannot promise much from this list, except that I will try!!

Great Events/Happenings/Things of Random Ramblings

1) The Daisy House - in September I moved in with Kristi and Kim. Since then God has not only blessed me with two of the most wonderful roommates ever, but some of the most amazing friends a girl could have.

2) The Spring of New Beginnings - I am still waiting to see all that will happen from this Spring, but the beginnings were pretty good:).

3) An uneventful second year of teaching - the second year was so much easier! My kids were great and I felt like I could be Lisa while I was teaching. It was amazing!!

4) Our March 4 Life trip - I got to go to the March for life to stand up for life with my 3 best friends - it was pretty rockin!!

5)Parties - I could name them all - the Housewarming party, the pumpkin carving party, the Great BDay bash of 2004, the Wine and Cheese Party, the Super Bowl Party, the Christmas Party, the Sojourn Reunion (wasn't even here for that one), the Muppet Party, the Cowboy themed party . . . oh, wait - guess I did name almost all of them!!

6) Cozy Sundays - I miss these!! I am tired of traveling!! Can I have my life back, and a cozy (or sunny) sunday? It'd be great! Thanks . . .

7) Roses . . .

Ok. So if I tried to name all of the wonderful stuff that has happened in the past year, it would take the rest of my night (of the only 5 or so that I will be home for in the month of June) so I will stop. Needless to say, it was a great year. I pray that next year can be this great as well. I also pray that as I look back on this year, I will be reminded of the very many blessings that I have been given - all of you!!

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