Sunday, July 10, 2005


I'm not really sure what will come out in this post. This has been a, let's say interesting week.

There are a few people that are "not reading blogs anymore." I've heard of them described as "blurtings out of whatever is in your head that no one really needs to know" (non-direct quote).

I think this is kindof dumb and naive. I'm sure that is true for some blogs. And I am not saying that my writing is in anyway award winning. But it is my thoughts and feelings.

My past week has pretty much stunk. It has had some amazingly good parts. I've had some amazing talks with my girls that I haven't had for a long time. And I am back home, which in itself is a relief. But I have had to do a lot of evaluating and a lot of waiting, because some of the evaluating can't be done until next week and that stinks. Really, I just want it to be over with!

Throughout all of this thinking, I have been praying and talking a lot. But I've also been reading. I've been reading my journals - and reading my blog. And some of the stuff that I write I need to hear again. It is good stuff and thoughts that I have had that I would have forgotten otherwise. And, I like having other people know my thoughts - even if I don't know that they read what I write because they never comment. When they do have something to comment they do and that is neat because they add something to my life and make me smile.

These are my thoughts on blogging. It's not neccessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it is good. For me it is good. And I like it that way.

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